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Peak Physique Class Timetable

Whatever the class, you can be sure that you will have a great time building your fitness, self-confidence and meeting new people.

As the saying goes, 'no pain, no gain' well, at Peak Physique we offer a range of pain inflicting classes which include Spin, Pump, Circuits, Boxercise, Hot Yoga, Jumping, Strut and more.

All classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. Our fully qualified instructors will guide you and motivate you throughout the workout.

Why not phone up and book a class with us today! Alternatively, clases can now also be booked using our NEW online booking system. Members an non-members alike can use the system. You do need to register with the gym though if you are not a current member, to use our Pay as you Go options.

June 2019 Timetable

Download a PDF copy of our timetable.

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Class Descriptions


Indoor cycling class incorporating mimicking on road, off road, indoor and dirt track techniques too upbeat music.


Express Spin & Tabata (High Intensity Interval Training).


A circuit based class focusing on the training concepts boxers use.


Dance fitness class with easy progressive aerobic style layering.


Strength endurance class incorporating the use of dumbbells and a barbell.


Conditioning class using endurance and resistance training, with short and often rapid movements with rest in-between.


Low impact class that encourages proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.


Smooth moving warm Yoga using contemporary styles, synchronising each pose to a breath. (Vinyasa)


Yoga performed in climate-controlled studio with the heat and humidity jacked up to tropical intensity.


A variety of poses in different order with emphasis on strength and flexibility. (Ashtanga/Vinyasa)


Beginners running club, helping you to achieve your 1st 5k comfortably and safely.