Peak Physique Classes

Peak Physique Class Timetable

Whatever the class, you can be sure that you will have a great time building your fitness, self-confidence and meeting new people.

As the saying goes, ’no pain, no gain’ well, at Peak Physique we offer a range of pain inflicting classes which include Spinning, Pump FX, Peak Spin and Tone. Extreme 50/50, Peak Extreme Circuits, Boxercise and Power Yoga.

All classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. Our fully qualified instructors will guide you and motivate you throughout the workout.

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Day Class Instructor Time
Monday Spin Nicci 6.30am
Spin Eugene 9.30am
Extreme 50/50 Jim 6.15pm
Strut Nicci 8.00pm
Tuesday Early Bird Circuit Trisha 10.00am
Peak Extreme Circuit Trisha 6.15pm
Jumping Fitness Nicci 7:15pm
Wednesday Spin Deirdre 6.30am
Spin Brendan 9.30am
Boxercise Mark 6.15pm
STRUT Nicci 8.00pm
Thursday Spin Ciaran 6.30am
Hot Yoga* Danielle 9.30am
Pump FX Paul 6.15pm
Yoga* Paul 7.15pm
Spin Adam 8.15pm
Friday Spin Maeve 6.30am
Pump FX Amanda 9.30am
Jim's Friday Night Spin (30 Mins) Jim 5.30pm
Saturday Spin Nicci 6.45am
Spin Eugene 10.15am
Yoga* Paul 11.30am
Sunday Spin Deirdre 10.00am
Hot Yoga* Danielle 12.00pm

All Inclusive Membership - includes unlimited classes.

Gym Only Membership - classes are £5 (you can upgrade to All Inclusive Membership for only £10 per month)

*Yoga is £5 for all members and £7 for non members.

PUMP FX with Paul Harnett

We are delighted to introduce our members to the wonderful Pump FX. Utilising barbells and weight plates, Pump FX provides a progressive, complete body workout. Traditional resistance training exercises such as squats, lunges, presses and rows take on another dimension through the use of functional, multi-plane movement. This class is taken by well renowned instructor Paul Harnett. You won’t be disappointed.

Yoga with Paul Harnett

Yoga is so much more than a just a physical workout, which is why it’s so addictive. Not only will Yoga help you achieve a beautiful body, it will also help to develop a beautiful mind. It allows us to find peace in the hurly-burly of urban life and become a calmer, healthier, and happier person.

Extreme 50/50 with Brendan

If you like spinning and you like circuit training then this class is for you. The class is split between cycling on a spinning bike and traditional station based circuit training. It covers cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength and endurance all in one massive hit. If you slike your classes hard going and sweaty then you will love this class.

Peak Extreme Circuit with Trisha

This circuit class is designed to push your body to the limits. Trisha will guide you through station based circuits which are each designed to burn body fat and tone muscle. If you are serious about achieving the perfect beach body this is the ideal class for you.s

Peak Spin and Tone with Amanda

This class combines traditional spin and body conditioning exercises using several workouts in one class. Each participant will have their own station which will include a spinning bike, mat, barbell and weight plates with the purpose to target strength building and muscular endurance. This class will increase your metabolism, burn body fat, tone muscle and boost your fitness levels. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Early Bird Circuit with Trisha

This morning interval circuit class provides a great workout as you move through a series of exercises designed to elevate your heart rate and challenge your muscles by combining both cardio and resistance training in the same workout. A great fun, fat burning workout. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Spinning (various instructors)

You will be guided through a workout on the specially designed indoor bike that will take in hill climbs, sprints, intervals, all to the latest music. A great class that is suitable for all fitness levels and burns a serious amount of calories in the process. Always great fun and a must have in any exercise timetable.

Boxercise with Mark

Boxing related training is renowned as one of the best fitness, toning and calorie burning programmes around. Professional Boxer Mark will guide you through your workout while taking your training and boxing skills to the next level. This class is based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit, while keeping it suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

STRUT with Nicci

Strut Fitness is an electrifying dance fitness class. Break it out and sweat to the best tunes and dance genre's from the past to the present. Great fun and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Stroga with Nicci

Stroga is an Active Isolation Strength and Stretch Class, cleansing your body through effective movements, enhancing performance, increasing blood supply and lymphatic flow and the delivery of nutrients on a cellular level. It also helps improve range of movement of your joints and neuromuscular re-education.

Stroga works with your body, not against it and helps maximise your potential to burn fat.